We are two frenchmen from 42 passionate about JavaScript and its ecosystem. We use VIM and type using a TypeMatrix Blank along with the Programmer Dvorak layout.

Although our paths might soon diverge in term of location, we still hope to be able to work together on future projects.

Contact us anytime if you wanna to talk. We're afraid of scrappers and spam, so you won't find any mailto here, but you might deduce our email address by looking at your navigation bar and the first word of this paragraph.


KeyCode - Challenge your coding speed, like a god.
minus - React / Redux isomorphic starter, focused on minimalism and beauty.
starveller - Dig into Github repo's popularity by analyzing stars evolution.
bridge - Developer oriented Chrome extension. Customizable widgets with DnD all over.


Recast.AI - Fine-grinded minus version, resulting in a neat progressive and isomorphic application.


FullStackJS challenge - 2016.


Our first organization was 42Zavattas. We decided to switch with our transition from Angular to React, but there's still good stuff over there, like both of our eslint configs, fugitive, generator-bangular, restock and some more!